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TerraTrike products on sale now!

Saris End-of-Summer Sale

Isn't it Time to Trade That Old Ride?

Trade In Your Old Ride
Have an old bike that's not so fun to ride?  No worries, we take trade-ins. Bring in your old steed and leave with some fine new wheels - and start enjoying cycling again!  Your body will thank you for it.

We Carry Electra Bicycles - for the fun of it!

We carry Electra bicycles.

Your New Trek Bicycle Is A Couple Clicks Away!

Get the bike you've always wanted with the Trek Credit Card!The Trek Credit Card makes it possible to own the bicycle of your dreams and all the great accessories to maximize your cycling fun, too. It increases your buying power with promotional financing plans and ensures you can enjoy your gear when you want. Apply online and ride away on your new bicycle today!

Save The Earth, Ride A Bicycle!

Bicycles can help save the Earth!

It might sound melodramatic, but the earth's fate hangs in the balance. YOU can make a difference! Start by riding more and driving less and make small changes around the house to cut down on greenhouse emissions and help fight global warming.

Explore our Vintage Bicycle Collection

Check out our collection of vintage and collectible bikes. All 84 are on display at the shop along with many antique jerseys, paintings, advertisements, and memorabilia.

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